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Car-sharing: visiting the city in a different way…

Highly sensitive to changes in society, the tourism sector is constantly evolving. With the beginning of uberization, the development of carpooling and car-sharing, new opportunities are being created for tourism in the city!


What is car-sharing ?

Car sharing is a system that allows anyone with a driving license to rent a car informally. Specifically, rather than having a personal car, everyone can rent a vehicle for the duration he wants around his home. All purchase and maintenance costs are shared by the car-sharing service or by the owner.


The flight of car-sharing

Car-sharing has started thanks to a large network of private individuals ready to rent their car. However, this is not the only reason. Indeed, the car-sharing system has already been developed thanks to the simplification of the rental process via platforms like OuiCar, Drivy or Koolicar. But a problem persists: the handing over of the keys. The principle of car-sharing is to rent a car while you are away, but with these platforms, the car owner must make an appointment with the renter in order to hand over the keys, note the mileage and the fuel level.


Car-sharing improvements

The solution to this problem: the connected car. DriveNow, a German company has developed a connected vehicle system to address this issue of key delivery. Indeed, thanks to this application, drivers can freely use vehicles parked in the city or in activity zones. Just find a car on the application, book it and once there, the user can open the car through the application or its client card.

The price includes parking, insurance, gas and rental and vary between 24 and 33 cents depending on the vehicle. Once the race is over, the only obligation is to park the car on one of the parking spaces reserved for them, ie in municipal car parks with special authorization from the town hall.

Why do many European cities rely on car-sharing?

Today in big cities, we want to be able to move without necessarily “owning” a vehicle. Indeed, since the arrival of Uber and its principle of uberisation, the use takes precedence over the possession. Add to this the impatience of the new generations, societies must today offer simple, fast and effective services.

Large cities are therefore very interested in car-sharing for locals but also for tourists. Indeed, a tourist with a car available in a few clicks, will make the most of all the activities and visits offered by the destination with a minimum of constraint. Large cities therefore agree to offer a certain number of parking spaces to companies that offer self-sharing to facilitate mobility for everyone.

Jean-Louis Missika (deputy mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, architecture, Grand Paris projects, economic development and attractiveness) gave an interview about the Smart City to the internet platform of blog Medium. According to him, car-sharing and autonomous cars are an integral part of the future of big cities worldwide:

“We have proposed the creation of a discussion forum called Mobilités 2030 whose mission is precisely to explore all these transformations: the autonomous and connected vehicle, all forms of car-sharing and carpooling, the impact of the Grand Paris Express on the concentration of users of these new stations. Ile-de-France and Paris will experience a double revolution, that of the Grand Paris Express and that of the autonomous shared vehicle. And of course the rest of the world will know the autonomous shared vehicle revolution. “

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