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The Instarooms: a new Instagram revolution

As we have already mentioned many times, Instagram influences our lifestyle by changing our vision of the world and our relationship with others. Here is a new example with the Instarooms.

If you are an Instagram user, and you certainly are, you may be looking for the exceptional scenery, the perfect setting or the perfect pose for your shots, this is The Instarooms.

Millions of Instagrammers are out there every day looking for the shot that hits hard to impress their subscribers.

In the tourism industry, the most photogenic destinations have been taking advantage of the Instagram craze for several years now. Now public places (shopping centres, leisure areas…) are also trying to take advantage of this trend by installing Instarooms to attract new visitors.

Here’s a little focus on this new Instagram revolution…

What is Instarooms ?

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These are spaces specially decorated to give the illusion of the perfect cliché; scenery from the end of the world or colourful places that catch the eye. Likable” clichés to generate traffic and sharing on social networks.

In Belgium, it’s on the Antwerp side of town, at the Wijnegem shopping centre. During the month of September, 5 Instarooms with very different themes are made available to the public for free. You can take a picture of yourself in the streets of Notting Hill, in the middle of the jungle, or in the middle of disco balls and polka dots.

Smile Safari

In the same style, a brand new Instagram pop-up museum will see the light of day: the Smile Safari. From October 2nd to November 30th at Tour et Taxis, 25 decorated areas will allow professional and private Instagrammers to take crazy pictures to feed their accounts.

In addition to the sets present, Tik-Tokeurs and Youtubers will be invited and many animations around social networks will be offered to visitors.

12 rooms will be dedicated to collaborations with brands that will offer new experiences. This is an opportunity for the latter to benefit from significant social and viral visibility and to be associated with a significant event.


What we think

This initiative gives us lots of ideas… because this concept can be used to create an attraction effect around a brand, a company, new stores, a product launch…

In short, Instarooms are a very, very interesting communication opportunity for advertisers and more particularly for advertisers with a lifestyle to promote.

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