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The lifestyle revolution: the future of communication

Lifestyle communication is THE new way to follow to seduce your audience, but you still have to understand how to use it. Focus on this new trend that is attracting more and more brands.

If you type “Lifestyle Revolution” into Google, you will come across a low-calorie diet. This has nothing to do with our article, but it is proof that the lifestyle is in tune with every aspect of everyday life. In this article, we are talking about a communication revolution. The one that fills our lives with messages and advice and guides all our decisions.

The lifestyle revolution is a gentle revolution, of course. However, it will change everything on social networks, in the media and in the relationship between brands and their public… It is a revolution led by women and men who have decided to use their imagination to communicate by creating real links between people, companies and organisations.

At Headerpop, we are so convinced by this change that we have recorded a podcast about it. Want to know more? We’ll tell you all about it!

What’s the lifestyle revolution?

Lifestyle is literally a way of life. But not just any lifestyle. It is the one that suits us, that resonates with our values and personality. We can consider that lifestyle is the sum of what makes us happy, the ideal setting for our existence.

In communication, lifestyle is the best way to understand what an audience wants, to shape a product in its image and to propose an offer that appeals to it personally. A standardised campaign, without taste or grace, does not evoke anything special in an audience. They are offered a “bargain price” or a “last chance before they run out of stock”, but this does not create a real bond over time.

In fact, lifestyle communication aims to build a bridge between brands and their audience so that mutual understanding and trust are established in the long term. As communication is, in general, a crucial element of a company’s success, the subject deserves some attention.

The lifestyle revolution is a new way of looking at customers or future customers by freeing oneself from the sole financial aspect where the acquisition of immediate revenues is favoured. Instead, a relationship is established based on human relations, on listening to others and trying to identify the public’s expectations as best as possible in order to match them with the company’s natural values. It is a matter of developing new habits that tend to create a healthier and truer communication. As a communicator, we need to review our perspectives, our daily routine, our goals, and decide what is really important to say and in line with the audience.

In fact, when we adopt lifestyle communication, we seek consistency and fidelity rather than efficiency. The audience must feel important and involved in the success of the brand. Brands, on the other hand, need to develop an awareness and clearly articulate their values. Their audience expects them to participate in their ideal life and not to satisfy an impulsive need.

Tips for good lifestyle communication

Thanks to lifestyle communication, the public projects itself into the identity of the brand by being inspired by the images and messages disseminated by the latter. It is important to take care of the aesthetics, as this is what is visible first, and to choose the colours, graphic elements, photos or videos used carefully. Beauty is expressed in the details. It is essential to please the public, to seduce them with a lifestyle proposition. On this subject, you can read our article on the emotional power of images in lifestyle communication.

The lifestyle revolution makes it possible to reach a different audience, one that is ready to embark on an adventure with a brand they like. It doesn’t matter if the number of customers interested in your lifestyle universe is less important than the number of customers interested in a generic product that you offer at a lower price. Indeed, winning customers through price chains you to a low cost strategy in the long run. By adopting a lifestyle strategy, your audience is loyal because they are attached to the experience they get from your creativity and enthusiasm. They are willing to wait for your product and pay more for it because they want to support your values and your conscious approach.

Speaking of consciousness….There is no doubt that the lifestyle revolution can, in time, have a significant impact on the profile of the companies that benefit from it. And that’s probably good news! It has already been noted on social networks that lifestyle communication favours smaller, more creative, more local and more attentive brands. Brands that really enjoy receiving feedback from their community and discussing their projects with them.

The Lifestyle Revolution podcast

“The Lifestyle Revolution” is also a series of podcasts presented by the Headerpop team. Once or twice a month, the members of our team share their vision of lifestyle communication through advice, feelings and ideas. This podcast is produced by Spinoza Studio, the Headerpop agency studio dedicated to this activity.

Discover the different paths of our collaborators and their advice to establish a warm and trendy lifestyle communication. New podcasts are published regularly, stay tuned…

La révolution lifestyle podcast
Listen to our podcasts on Spinoza Studio

Close your eyes and listen carefully, the lifestyle revolution is underway!


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