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The secrets of successful brands

Some brands have the secret to creating a strong bond with their audience... is there a recipe? Certainly talent, creativity, luck but also... a good method (yes!). Here are a few tips from our Headerpop team and examples that go with it.

Le secret des marques qui cartonnent

Your brand stands out

What is your brand’s place in today’s competitive landscape? You need to claim an advantage that your competitors don’t have and demonstrate your difference. Your strengths must be unique, credible, achievable and desirable. Use arguments that you can reasonably achieve so you don’t make false promises. Our number one tip for being a successful brand: know your strengths!WeWork , the office becomes trendy

WeWork , the office becomes trendy

Wework acts in the field of commercial real estate. Not very sexy at first sight? But by promoting its lifestyle and friendly spirit, the brand has been able to forge an immediate link with its target audience. By creating a “cool” and communal image, yet far from the image of the classic office, the brand is positioning itself as the precursor of tomorrow’s working world: “discover spaces that will allow your employees to do work that makes sense and has an impact”. A slogan that immediately communicates a certain lifestyle.

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Your brand speaks for itself

Strong messages called “pillars” are the foundation of your brand, they keep coming back in all your communication media. Your brand declines this or these messages so that the public learns to know you and…to love you.

Airbnb, the world is yours

Airbnb is a platform that offers to find accommodation by selecting a destination, however the platform does not communicate about the accommodation but rather about the experience…being “at home somewhere else”, if possible somewhere else that makes you dream.

This strong message is declined in different ways: “Don’t visit, live there”, “Book a deserted island for your next holidays”, “Don’t be a tourist in Paris”, “Welcome home”, …etc.


Your brand meets its audience

You need to invent new points of contact with your audience to reach every customer or customer experience and to create the core of your brand’s story.

Starbucks: the personalized coffee

Starbucks is still opening outlets around the world today. From the beginning, the brand has relied on personalization to build customer loyalty. We all know the principle at Starbucks: baristas ask us for our first name and write it on our coffee cup. On the one hand, it’s a useful way to make sure you don’t get the order wrong, but it goes far beyond that. It’s a direct customer relationship strategy. Employees are encouraged to engage in conversation with the customer and do everything they can to make him or her feel comfortable. Starbucks wants to be a place of transition between home and work, and does everything to make you feel comfortable: comfortable chairs, cozy lighting, high-definition wifi, … Your order is also customizable! Toppings, syrup, types of coffee or milk, dosages,…

The brand with the siren pursues its desire for individualization on social networks. It was one of the first to invest in this medium with the aim of engaging in conversation with its community, which it has been able to transform into fans. In fact, Starbucks invests very little in traditional media such as posters or television and prefers to focus on a digital loyalty strategy.

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Your brand asserts itself over time

The work of branding is lived out on a daily basis. It is woven into every message on Facebook, Instagram, email or banner ad. The history of the brand animates your collaborators, your ambassadors and your clients.

Uniqlo, the trend to follow

Uniqlo‘s strategy? To offer comfortable clothing with a basic look while setting up emblematic collaborations to create strong links with the consumer. The brand grows richer with each collaboration and benefits from sharing its micro-collections on social networks.

Uniqlo has grown over the years to become a world-famous brand. Starting with a single store in Hiroshima and offering simple clothes, it is now the third largest fashion brand in the world behind Zara and H&M.

Here are some of the collaborations that have made a mark at the top: Disney, McDonald’s, Will Pharrell, Ines de la Fressange, Kaws-Sesame Street, UNIVERSTAR BT21, Christophe Lemaire, Ramen, Jil Sanders, JW Anderson…

Not forgetting Roger Federer, who has become a brand ambassador since the Wimbledon tournament in 2018.

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