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Top 6 New Trendy Words

You probably read words on the web that you don't know the meaning of at all! It's normal, new terms appear regularly.
You will be kept up to date on the new trendy words and the concept behind them.


Nesting, a fashionable concept, but what is it?

The aim of this trend is to stay at home, rest and take care of oneself. Do-it-yourself, gardening, sewing or sleepovers with a hot cup of tea describe the concept perfectly. Our cells and organs need rest to regenerate, so the weekend is the ideal time for nesting. Studies have even shown that activities such as gardening or cooking can reduce stress.

Staying at home, home sweet home, that’s nesting!

Top 6 des nouveaux mots tendance


This term refers to the shame of flying for ecological reasons or the guilt of the harmful effects of air transport on the ecology.

Flygskam is one of these new trendy words and comes from Sweden, where some inhabitants have decided to change their habits by abandoning airplanes for more ecological means of transport, following events initiated by Greta Thunberg.

In the rest of the world, regular users of air transport are beginning to become aware of the harmful effects of this mode of travel.

By opting for different forms of transport, such as the train, for example, some passengers said that they had more freedom of movement. Being able to make more frequent stops, they feel closer to the countries they travel through and to the local people.

Top 6 des nouveaux mots tendance

Locavore movement

This concept symbolizes the desire to change one’s consumption and to opt for local products. With new trends often come the right resolutions. More and more consumers have turned to local consumption rather than global consumption.

This concept is not new, but it is coming back. After the Second World War, consuming local products was an obvious choice, but this trend disappeared with the expansion of supermarkets.

The benefits of this concept are multiple. It limits the ecological impact of transporting fruit and vegetables from foreign countries and the waste of damaged products thrown away after international transport. The origin of the products is completely transparent; consumers know what they are buying and what they are eating.

To consume locally is above all to revive the local economy. Consumers can buy directly from small producers, benefit from their expertise and reward them for their work without going through supermarkets. Example with this local counter in Brussels, a shop selling local and natural products in a short circuit.

There had to be a term to express all this and then it became one of the new trendy words!

Top 6 des nouveaux mots tendance


Are you familiar with the concept that combines jogging and garbage collection?

Plogging is both giving it your all and doing a good deed at the same time.

Like Flygskam, plogging is one of the new trend words and comes straight from Sweden, it is the contraction of the verb “to pick up” (Plocka upp) in Swedish and “jogging”.

Since then, the concept has gone viral and is practiced around the world. This racing technique is not new but it has become more popular in the last two years due to the ecological news.

This concept also works with sports other than jogging, such as kayaking, diving or fishing. More and more people have taken up magnet fishing in streams to remove metal waste.


A new generation of workers is coming, the slashers. “Slasher” refers to the symbol ” / ” (slash) that is placed between different words, especially on Linkedin to separate activities or jobs.

Slashers therefore represent workers who have made the choice to engage in several activities. Holding several jobs is not new, but it is the fact of valuing this life choice that is new. Long careers in the same company are over. Slashers need change, they need to touch everything, they need to complete their income thanks to their flexibility in their schedule.

Slashers decided either by choice or by the need to juggle several jobs. No longer wanting to be subjected to modest salaries or job insecurity, slashers combine several activities in order to develop themselves in their professional lives. This new professional lifestyle does not originate from one generation in particular, even if it affects more the under 35s, all generations are represented.


Burnt-out is a familiar term, but boron-out is not so familiar.

Being paid to do nothing, the dream for many employees, but the truth is quite different. In 2018, one in three workers was bored at work.

Boron-out means boredom due to lack of work projects or lack of work-related stimulation. For many, work rhymes with motivation or represents a life project, but for others it drives them crazy with boredom.

This underwork can even be dangerous and can create a feeling of uselessness, lack of self-confidence, stress and even depression!

Come on, let’s get to work…

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