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Top 8 of the new buzzwords in lifestyle

Do you often feel like you're reading new words on the web without understanding them? Don't panic, the language is evolving so fast that even communicators sometimes have trouble keeping up! We're here to give you an update on these new words and the concepts behind them.

new trendy words

Anglicisms and catchwords are more present than ever in our vocabulary. Lifestyle communication requires a thorough understanding of the meaning of these new buzzwords and the concepts behind them.

Glow up/glow down

This term comes from the English “to glow” which means “to shine”. The expression “to glow up” and its opposite “to glow down” are therefore interpreted as “to gain in brightness” or more negatively “to lose its brightness”. To glow up is to get better with time, a bit like a good wine. The concept was popularized on Instagram when celebrities like the Kardashian sisters posted photos of themselves comparing their appearance ten years ago and today. A before and after to show their improvement.

Cheugy [chew-gee]

See the skinny jeans and the “Life is a joke” t-shirts? They perfectly illustrate the concept of “cheugy”, everything that used to be fashionable and is not anymore. What is cheugy is what is no longer trendy but can also become so again. Popularized by a 23-year-old American influencer, the concept went viral after the publication of several TikTok videos defining what is cheugy and what is not. However, the word is not meant to denigrate what you liked, but rather to gently make fun of it. Be careful not to offend your friends!



Watch out for a new aesthetic! Well-known to teenagers (and not only, let’s face it), cluttercore is an interior design style that celebrates clutter. Books, knick-knacks and plants are accumulated and proudly displayed! In contrast to minimalism, the cluttercore aesthetic emphasizes material sentimentality. You surround yourself with warm objects and turn your home into a more or less ordered cabinet of curiosities. Cluttercore is the art of accumulation, creating a cocooning and unique effect. It’s not about blocking the way with a clutter, but about creating an overloaded atmosphere that remains aesthetic and harmonious.


squircle table

Can’t decide between a round or square table? The squircle trend is for you! A geometric shape halfway between a round and a square (squircle is a combination of “square” and “circle”), it softens the angles and creates a gentle atmosphere. No need to choose between a strict or rounded edge, the squircle brings the right balance to your interior design. It is all the rage among designers and solves many design problems. This trend is not limited to furniture; mirrors, lighting and cushions are also covered.


Visit Ardenne
Visit Ardenne

If you want to save time, money and energy and still enjoy tourism close to home, then staycation is for you. This concept is based on planning your holiday on a smaller scale, saving you the cost of renting and travelling. But beware, staycation is not synonymous with spreading your toes. Sports activities, cultural outings, dinner at a restaurant… Everything is allowed as long as you go home to sleep without having to drive for four hours. Moreover, this local tourism reduces the environmental impact and often allows you to discover interesting places or attractions close to your home! On this subject, we suggest you discover the activities proposed by our client Visit Ardenne for whom we have created a 360° communication campaign.


Photo Pinterest
Photo Pinterest

Back to the 2000s with the drouser. A contraction of “dress” and “trouser”, the drouser is the reappearance of the dress+pants combo. We already noticed it in 2019, worn by Gigi Hadid, always ahead of the fashion, but the house of Gucci has made it a flagship item in its spring-summer 2021 collection. Since then, this bold approach to dressing seems to be present on every red carpet. Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday wear, it seems that this classic cocktail from the 2000s is back on trend. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take the plunge!


Photo Pinterest
Photo Pinterest

This term was all over the place in 2014 in the US and is now back in its glory thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. The “shelfie”, a contraction of “selfie” and “shelf”, is a very special photograph. You arrange a multitude of selected books, plants or design objects on your shelves and take a beautiful picture that you post proudly. The trend is also spreading to other rooms in the house. Living room, kitchen… From now on, the cupboards are transparent or completely open and one displays one’s glass jars, one’s design dishes and one’s vintage toaster. An authentic and warm universe, far from the minimalist simplicity. So if it’s also instagrammable, there’s nothing to complain about!


Upcycling is the reuse of materials or objects that are no longer in use to give them a new life, this time of a higher quality. However, it is not a question of destroying or deconstructing an object to transform its components, but of revaluing an object by giving it a different function without spending additional energy. Is your denim skirt sitting in a wardrobe? Grab your sewing machine and turn it into a handy pouch! Upcycling encourages creativity and reduces the amount of waste thrown away. If you want to learn more about this concept, check out our article dedicated to upcycling.


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