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The journey to wellness

Well-being is at the heart of the new tourist trends, our privileged destination? ... ourselves! Wherever we go, the pleasure is above all to feel serene and happier.

La Tendance 2019 : le voyage en quête de bien-être

For us, the novelty to remember is the spiritual angle that we now give more and more to travel, so the meeting of the other, the discovery of the unknown, the beauty of the great outdoors and nature must all lead us to the same destination…ourselves. The search for balance and well-being are therefore at the centre of today’s tourist’s motivations and the communication of destinations is gradually adapting to this phenomenon.

Zoom on the wellness travel trend

We hear more and more about yoga classes, anti-stress remedies or advice on how to take care of your body and mind. Well-being has become an essential value that is particularly relayed by brands and the media. Today, there is a need to refocus on the essential and to reconnect with nature. This quest for well-being is a state of mind that can be found in our daily way of life, on our plate, in our home and also in our travels. This quest now calls us to explore other horizons and to get off the beaten track to recharge our batteries. From low-budget backpacking trips to luxurious yoga retreats, all categories of tourists want to give meaning to their vacation. Travel to break away from the ordinary.

Through these examples of exceptional travel, it is understandable that the tourism industry has included the quest for well-being in its offer. If some wish to refocus themselves through an inner connection with their Being, others will prefer to externalize it by surpassing their limits or by engaging in solidarity actions.

We have studied some of the tourist offers that propose meditation stays, retreats in the middle of nature or solidarity actions to decode this “well-being” travel trend that will undoubtedly grow even more during this year 2019.

1. Purify your mind

In addition to offering an exceptional setting along the Ayung River and lush rice fields, the Spa Hotel Ritz Carlton Mandapa in Ubud, Bali offers to purify the spirit of its guests through a ritual with sacred water. This traditional ceremony comes from the ancestral techniques of Bali’s healers. During the nights of full moon, plunged into baths of purified water with the scent of flowers. The benefits of water pressure regenerates the body and mind. Massage sessions are also provided by the Ritz to complement the well-being process with energetic healing.

A little bit of history:

Pura Tirta Empul, the Temple of Holy Water in Bali, has attracted Balinese Hindus for thousands of years for its sacred springs created by the god Indra. Today, the tradition continues and tourism professionals have embraced it in order to offer their guests a unique wellness experience. Everyone can freely practice the melukat ceremony, no need for priests or healers. However, baths should ideally be taken on mystical days: full moon, black moon… Purification must be accompanied by an offering, incense or prayer to respect the ritual, but the most important thing is to remain focused on your Being and to empty yourself in order to let the natural and divine elements act.


2. Finding one’s “Being”

Dedicated to women, the Being experiences were created by co-founders Josée Anne SC and Geneviève Locas, two women with atypical and complementary personalities. When Josée Anne awakens the magic that lies dormant in each of us, Geneviève reconnects man with Mother Nature. They offer “being experiences” to different destinations, the idea is to nourish one’s body and mind, heal one’s wounds and explore one’s spirituality. 

An interior journey:

The important thing is not the destination, nor the duration, but the inner journey to be accomplished, body and mind will be in the spotlight. You must act according to your instincts and not according to “those” and “what” around you! The objective is to free your mind, body and soul by exploring and discovering your BEING! 

The experiments are guided by different themes. Depending on the theme, the agency proposes Hawaii for a connection to nature, Quebec for a camp being, or Italy to live the dolce Vita and begin healing one’s “Being”.  

La tendance 2019: le voyage en quête de bien-être

3. Pushing your limits

Terres d’Aventure is a team of explorers that started in 1976. They are in a way the pioneers of great expeditions. They led the first travelers to the most spectacular and grandiose places in the world. 

The spirit Terre d’Aventure : 

Terres d’Aventure offers incredible journeys for all those in search of thrills, a change of scenery and discovery. The trips are done on foot and in simplicity: backpack, sneakers and spirit of adventure will be enough. The objective is to open up to the world, to others, and to oneself. Accompanied tours, personalized, with the family or by bike, these trips are animated by meeting people, eco-responsibility and exploring the great outdoors.

At the end of the world: 

Terres d’Aventure is present throughout the world and organizes trips throughout the year, to the Middle East, America, the Polar Continent or to many other destinations, to live a unique and unforgettable experience. Determination is the key to the experience, you have to push your limits and open your mind!

4. Listening to your heart

The agency Double sens organizes participative and alternative trips in order to participate in a fair, responsible and solidary tourism with local communities. 

A little bit of adventure:

Antoine and Richard left for the adventure in 2005. Their project is the result of a sustainable approach in which tourism would benefit both the travel designer and the local communities. Today they are present in 15 countries and welcome solidarity travellers from all over the world. 

Total immersion : 

Double sens offers two distinct services: the participative trip and the alternative trip. The essence of the participative trip is solidarity action. You will be an integral part of the local community throughout your mission. Sharing and conviviality will be your daily life. The Alternative trip will make you discover itinerant circuits close to the nature and culture of the country. Here, respect and exchange are at the heart of your trip for a responsible and sustainable adventure.


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