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Versatile, Nomadic: the future of well-being at work

Our work environment is changing, few people still accept the metro-work-to-sleep routine. Nowadays, we want to live better and not have a classic professional success.
Here are a few clues and leads to understand this trend and the future work lifestyle.

Our work environment is changing, few people still accept the metro-work-asleep routine, locked between four walls or sitting alone all day in front of their computer! We want to share, experiment, exchange on a daily basis, open ourselves to the world. Our job is gradually adapting to our desires and this is a major change.

In 20 years, work that used to be a source of income or prestige has become an essential factor of fulfilment. Thus we choose our way, our profession, and as for a marriage we do not hesitate to drop everything if we feel unhappy about it.

Office furnishers, hotels and travel agencies have fully understood this phenomenon and are proposing new “Co-Working” spaces, or tourist offers for nomadic professionals.

But what exactly is the future work lifestyle? What are the new uses to follow? Following our analysis of the “wellness travel” trend, here are some clues and leads to understand the “work wellness” trend.


For 50 years, society and the economic world have imposed on us a model of stability as the holy grail of working life. A successful professional career was above all a straight path from beginner to advanced in the same profession and, if possible, in the same company.

But today’s world has decompartmentalized the professions and offers a multitude of possibilities, it is no longer rare to change careers in order to realize one’s dreams. We are thus seeing the emergence of amateurs of multiple careers, who combine several activities and who change when the time comes to see something else.

These new atypical professional profiles are called “Versatile”, they dive headfirst into what they are passionate about, but once they have mastered the subject, they get bored and start the adventure all over again in another field. For them, magic works by mixing several professions as opposed as they are: editor, salesman, teacher, graphic designer, community manager…. The main thing is to give the best of oneself, and to keep one’s creativity and motivation intact.

(cf : TED conference on happiness through work)


This new trend of “multi-skilled” has motivated design professionals to rethink the workspace. In a world where everything is digitalized, human relations and sharing absolutely had to regain a place.

Some companies have seen this as an opportunity to improve their efficiency by combining several skills in the same space to enrich the communication and innovation of their teams. Co-working within companies has another advantage, it breaks the monotony of the office, which is the main cause of demotivation.

Thus several spaces are defined according to needs: meeting room, relaxation area, kitchen, quieter area, … in which all workers can settle during the day. There is no hierarchy, the spaces are free and every day the organization changes.  A real opportunity to meet new people, to make everyday life exciting and to boost creativity.

Of course, these new arrangements do not escape the phenomenon of self-employment. Freelancers were the first to look for a way to get out of their homes to see the world and find inspiration in an atmosphere favourable to creation.

The variations of co-working are infinite and more and more specialized start-ups, hotels, restaurants, offices offer flex office spaces, desk sharing, fab lab or other work coffee…

Examples of co-working offers to follow: 

Polyvalents, Nomades : l'avenir du bien-être au travail
Kwerk: Co-working space in Paris
Polyvalents, Nomades : l'avenir du bien-être au travail
Huckletree: Co-working space in London and Dublin
Polyvalents, Nomades : l'avenir du bien-être au travail
Wework platform to find your co-working spaces


In a more adventurous style, some workers decide to take advantage of their independence to travel while working.

Digital nomadism is a way of life in its entirety, the objective is to travel at your own rhythm and to improve your work through travel. The nomad takes advantage of his environment for inspiration, it makes his life exciting and gives it meaning.

Digitalization has opened the door to new professions: entrepreneurs creating products or services, story tellers (blogger or Youtubeur) and all other freelancers (editors, community managers, graphic designers, developers …). What do they have in common? All they need is an internet connection to work. These people have the possibility to get away from the constraints of the office, the routine, they don’t know it and they choose their workplace every day.

Digital nomads choose dream destinations with breathtaking landscapes, warm climate, jovial and atypical culture. Nomads want to enjoy the freedom that everyone dreams of.

Polyvalents, Nomades : l'avenir du bien-être au travail

The customs of the world of work are changing with mentalities, and companies are now looking favourably on these new profiles of self-employed workers, who know how to take risks to live their passions. As for the digital sphere, it is shaking up the codes by removing the physical barriers to work.

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